University of Leeds Scholarship 2024 – Study Free In UK

Do you want a scholarship in England? We bring you good news, international students are now can apply for the University of Leeds Scholarship 2024. All students from any country are eligible to apply. This study opportunity is intended only for a master’s degree program. UK students can also apply to Leeds Scholarship.

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More than 9000 students come to this university yearly. There are some well-known politicians and celebrities have graduated from the university. We also encourage you to grab this opportunity to apply for the University of Leeds Scholarship 2024 for foreign students. For more information and to apply,

The selected candidates for the University of Leeds Scholarship will get £ 3,000. The University of Leeds is a famous public research university located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1874. 36,330 students are studying in this university and it is the 5th largest university in the United Kingdom. please read the full article below.

Description of University of Leeds Scholarship 2024

  • Sponsor Country: United Kingdom
  • Degree Levels: Master’s Degree
  • SponsorInstitute: University of Leeds
  •  Coverage: £3,000 amount
  • Last date:  June 30, 2024

Scholarship Benefits

Here is the number of scholarship benefits for the University of Leeds Scholarship for international students 2024

  • Partial scholarship waiver of £3,000.
  • There will be no allowances for travel or research costs.
  • The University of Leeds is well known for outclass professionals & researchers.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must complete the prescribed procedure if they want to apply for a scholarship.

  • English technical evidence: 6.5 small bands on IELTS.
  • All the students applying for a Master’s degree must have at least a UK 2.1 Bachelor’s Degree or be eligible in English (or a nearby subject).
  • All the students at the time of receiving the bursary must not live too far away from the University of Leeds campus.
  • For all the students to be eligible for the Master’s Scholarship Principal Design School, applicants must submit an academic qualification application form.
  • Appropriate skills & knowledge that include good academic records
  • Applicants from the UK & all countries of the world are eligible to apply.


The deadline to apply for the University of Leeds Scholarship 2024 is 30th June, 2024.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of passport or can be your ID card, Transcript, Text, Proof of English language certificate (TOEFL / IELTS),  Work portfolio (if applicable), Description of local university grading program.

How to apply!

The process of applying for the University of Leeds Scholarship 2024 is online. You need to submit the application form and the required documents. It should provide the required documentation as mentioned above.

Official Website

Click here to visit University of Leeds’s Official Website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – University of Leeds Scholarships

1. What is the University of Leeds Scholarship?

Answer: The University of Leeds Scholarship is a valuable financial aid opportunity for students pursuing higher education at the University of Leeds. It provides essential support to deserving individuals, making their educational dreams more accessible.

2. Where can I find and apply for the University of Leeds Scholarship?

Answer: To find and apply for the University of Leeds Scholarship, you should visit the official scholarship page of the University of Leeds. There, you will discover detailed information about the application process and eligibility criteria.

3. Are there scholarships available for international students at the University of Leeds?

Answer: Yes, the University of Leeds offers scholarships specifically tailored to international students. These scholarships are designed to facilitate international education and foster cultural diversity within the university community.

4. Tell me about the Leeds Beckett Bursaries.

Answer: Leeds Beckett Bursaries are financial support programs that play a crucial role in assisting students facing financial challenges. They provide essential aid, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder students’ educational journeys.

5. What distinguishes Leeds Beckett University Scholarships?

Answer: Leeds Beckett University Scholarships go beyond financial assistance. They signify recognition of students’ potential and a commitment to their academic futures. These scholarships affirm that education has the power to transform lives.

6. Are there Leeds Beckett University Scholarships specifically for international students?

Answer: Absolutely, Leeds Beckett University extends a warm welcome to international students and offers scholarships tailored to their unique needs. These scholarships aim to bridge borders, promote diversity, and facilitate global education.

7. Can you provide insights into the Leeds Doctoral Scholarship?

Answer: The Leeds Doctoral Scholarship is a prestigious opportunity for individuals pursuing doctoral degrees. It symbolizes dedication to research and offers a chance to make significant contributions to the academic world. It is a recognition of a commitment to knowledge.

8. How do Leeds Masters Scholarships empower graduate students?

Answer: Leeds Masters Scholarships serve as a stepping stone to academic excellence. They inspire and affirm students’ dedication to higher education. These scholarships represent trust in students’ potential and leadership abilities.

9. What opportunities await through the University of Leeds PhD Scholarships?

Answer: University of Leeds PhD Scholarships are not just about financial support; they are invitations to explore the world of research. These scholarships signify trust in students’ abilities to contribute to the global pool of knowledge.

10. Are there scholarships available for Leeds Beckett University students?

Answer: Yes, Leeds Beckett University values its students and offers various scholarships to support their academic journeys. These scholarships represent a commitment to students’ success and belief in their potential.

11. What’s the significance of University of Leeds Scholarships for international students?

Answer: University of Leeds Scholarships for international students play a crucial role in promoting global education and cultural diversity. They create opportunities for students worldwide to pursue their academic aspirations

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