IST Scholarships 2024 In Austria [Fully Funded]

Are you also looking for some fully Funded scholarships in Europe? We bring you good news, students are now invited to apply for IST Scholarships 2024 in Austria for international students. IST offers a Fully Funded Student Excellence and students from all over the world are eligible to apply. This is the only opportunity to study for a postgraduate degree program in America.

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IST is a research center in the USA, for mathematical and natural sciences, located in Austria. It was established in 2008. IST is ranked among the top 3 research institutes in the world.

It will cover all costs of students selected for scholarships. students with a Bachelor’s (undergraduate)or Master’s (Masters’s) Degree can apply for this Scholarship. The Institute of Science and Technology offers these scholarships in fields of Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, and their related fields. Scholarship duration is 4 to 5 years depending on the subject.

We encourage all the students to apply for IST Scholarships 2024 in Austria. For more information read the full article given below

Description of IST Scholarships 2024 in Austria

  • Scholarship country: Austria
  • Degree levels: only PhD
  • Scholarship University: Institute of Science & Technology
  • Eligible Nationality: all International students
  • Benefits: Fully Funded
  • Last Date: January 8, 2024.

Benefits of IST Scholarships:

IST Scholarships 2024 in Austria provides many benefits and Fully Funded Scholarships for candidates from any country of the world to study a Ph.D. degree. This scholarship program will provide the following benefits

  1. Handsome Monthly Stipend
  2. Housing on Campus
  3. A full Tuition Fee will be given.
  4. Medical Allowance

Available Study Fields

Candidates can only apply for one of the following Ph.D. academic field or any related :

  • Computer science
  • Mathematics.
  • Biology
  • Neuroscience
  • Physics

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students from all over the world can apply.
  • Good academic background in Bachelors or Masters Degree
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Other relevant skills e.g Internships, Conferences Participation

Required Documents

  1. Updated CV
  2. 1-2 page statement of Purpose where you should specify the 3 research groups you are interested in.
    References from the Three Referees
  3. Certificate of Education / Transcript

Note: All required documents must be in English and the Qualifications are in the Home Language.


The application deadline for the Institute of Science and Technology Austria Scholarship 2024 is 8th January 2024.

How do you apply for the IST International Scholarship?

IST Scholarships 2024 in Austria online application process. A link to the official scholarship website is provided below. You must apply before the deadline and the required documents.


What are the requirements for the IST Austria scholarship?

  • To be eligible for the IST Austria scholarship, you should typically have a strong academic background and meet specific criteria set by the institution. These requirements can include a high GPA, standardized test scores, and a compelling application essay. Remember, scholarships can be highly competitive, so give it your best shot!

2. Will there be a scholarship opportunity at IST Austria in 2024?

  • IST Austria usually announces scholarship opportunities annually. Scholarships are announced for 2024. Fingers crossed for those opportunities!

3. What is the acceptance rate for a Ph.D. program at IST Austria?

  • Acceptance rates for Ph.D. programs can vary from year to year but usually, it is round about 8%. IST Austria is known for its rigorous selection process, so be prepared to showcase your passion for research and academic excellence in your application.

4. Are there any scholarships specifically for the year 2024 at IST Austria?

  • IST Austria may offer scholarships on an annual basis. If you’re planning to apply for a scholarship in 2024, make sure to keep an eye on their official announcements and application deadlines. It’s an exciting opportunity to further your studies!

5. What is the acceptance rate for admissions to IST Austria in general?

  • IST Austria is a prestigious institution, and its acceptance rate can be competitive as we discussed above its 8 percent. It’s important to prepare a strong application, including a compelling statement of purpose and letters of recommendation, to increase your chances of admission.

6. Can you tell me about the salary for Ph.D. students at IST Austria?

  • Ph.D. student salaries at IST Austria can vary depending on several factors, including the funding source and the specific program. It’s best to check with the institution directly or refer to their official documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date information on Ph.D. student salaries.

7. How does IST Austria rank among other research institutions?

  • IST Austria has been gaining recognition as a top-tier research institution in recent years. Its ranking can vary depending on the specific field of study and the criteria used for evaluation. To get the most accurate and current ranking information, consider referring to reputable ranking organizations and resources.

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