Tesla Internship Program for International Students 2022

Applications are currently open to apply for the Tesla Internship Program 2022. Tesla International Internship is Fully Funded paid Internship Program.

And students in the U.S are no different. Internships at Tesla are open to both undergraduate and graduate students of all majors who can work full-time during the summer, as well as full-time during breaks (winter, spring, or fall). In other words, you don’t have to be studying engineering to work at Tesla! Some interns have even taken time off from their full-time studies in order to intern at Tesla during the school year!

About Tesla

Tesla Motors was an American automotive and energy storage company. It was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than gasoline-powered cars. Based in Palo Alto, California, Tesla’s primary goal was to manufacture affordable, mass-market electric vehicles. Their first vehicle, simply named Tesla Roadster, debuted in 2007 and served as a proof of concept for the technology developed by Tesla Motors.

Description of Tesla Internship Program 2022

  • Internship Company: Tesla
  • Location: Tesla Locations around the World.
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Internship Deadline: All Year Open

Financial Coverage

  • All Interns Tesla Internship Program will get a Housing Accommodation
  • All Interns of Tesla Internship Program will get a Stipend for their Work.
  • Tesla Internship Program get a a Relocation Support

What Do the Interns Do?

Tesla is a great place to work, and we try to go above and beyond in giving our interns real responsibilities as soon as they join. But, at Tesla, an internship isn’t just about getting that coveted foot in the door—it’s about building some incredible skills along with those all-important relationships. The combination of world-class engineering with new-age entrepreneurial thinking makes Tesla an extremely exciting place to build a career. So if you are looking for an opportunity where you can learn from some of best minds in engineering while working on groundbreaking projects that move humanity forward, then you should apply today!

How to Become a Tesla Intern

Tesla is currently looking to hire college interns who will work in their different departments. Positions are available in facilities, communications, information technology, human resources and more. These internships are competitive and by no means guaranteed but also an excellent way to get your foot in a big-name company’s door. Here’s what you need to know about how to become a Tesla intern.

The Pluses

Tesla recently launched a new internship program for international students, giving them a chance to work in California. Participants will be part of Tesla’s Energy Team and have a chance to participate in cross-functional groups that are working on energy products and services like solar roofs, Powerwall, Tesla vehicle charging infrastructure, or grid services. Interns may also be able to take part in a project focused on energy storage business strategy—or even launch their own project! The company says interns will get unprecedented access to its industry-leading experts. The Pluses: Tesla recently launched a new internship program for international students, giving them a chance to work in California.

The Minuses

This program is only open to international students who are under 18 years old. Tesla won’t cover any costs (including travel) associated with an internship. You will have to come up with a strategy to convince your parents that a six-week journey is a good idea, while also overcoming any visa issues you may face. This program is currently only open in three countries: Germany, Poland and Austria. Anywhere else? Good luck getting in!

Is it Worth It?

An internship at Tesla has been on a lot of college students’ wish lists lately. The internship seems like a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to be part of an innovative, growing company? While interning at Tesla might sound great, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you or that you will find valuable experience. This post walks through what an internship at Tesla is like and whether or not it might be worth your time and money. Keep reading to learn more about what exactly you get from a summer in Silicon Valley!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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