Fully-funded Radboud Scholarship 2022-2023

The Radboud Scholarship Program 2022-2023 is the preferred program now open to online applications until March 1, 2022. The Radboud University Scholarship is specially designed for all aspiring, highly talented, non-EEA students.

That Radboud study is in full English that taught the Dadboud University Master’s degree program. Provides fully and partially funded courses to all eligible students. Therefore, do not miss your opportunity as they accept online applications these days. Fasten your seat belt and begin collecting all your required documents and certificates. Do not forget to apply before the deadline as soon as possible to avoid any interruptions in the end.

Availability of Radboud Scholarship Funds:

Applicants should be aware that it covers a tuition fee of € 16,000 and € 10,800 for living expenses.
However, the partial bursary will cover tuition fees of up to € 2,168.
There will be no relocation funding for all fully funded bursary holders.
Currently, both bursaries, in whole or in part, cover the cost of a visa, residence permit, medical insurance and credit insurance.

Qualifications for Applying for a Radboud Scholarship:

The ideal way to study Radboud is listed below:

A non-EU / EEA passport is required for the applicant.
Bachelor’s level outside the Netherlands is mandatory.
Any degree or educational certificate from any of the Netherlands institutions is not permitted.
Knowledge of English is very important.
You must be able to comply with the Dutch visa rules.
A student needs to enroll in an annual study program and a Master’s degree to receive a scholarship

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Radboud Scholarship Application Application Process:

It is an integrated process to apply for a Radboud bursary. However, the process is the same as that of an application for admission.

When you apply for admission to any Master program you like, you can also show your learning program within it.

The application needs to be completed with the OSIRIS online system before March 2022


When you apply for admission to a master’s degree program it will not guarantee a Radboud scholarship. However, if someone is applying for a Radboud Scholarship, the applicant must have two important factors. This includes the curriculum vitae and two reference books. For both, you may need to submit documents such as qualifications, essays, motivation letters, SOP, LOI, a research program, or a study proposal.

Last Date to apply for Radboud Scholarship:

All applicants must submit their applications to the admission office by 1 March 2022.
The first day of studies is September 2022.

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