Finland Government Scholarship for International Students


Make sure you don’t miss out on Finland Government Scholarship The Finnish government has set aside funds for international students who want to study in Finland, and this funding is available for the most popular degree programs at public universities, as well as some other study options. You can be eligible to apply even if you don’t have Finnish citizenship or Finnish residency permit, so all interested students should keep reading to learn more about these scholarships! Don’t miss this great opportunity, apply before the end of the month!

A scholarship program funded by the Finnish government

This program is designed to enable talented students who are willing to study in Finland to gain a higher education. The main purpose of offering funding is to promote academic and social mobility as well as internationalization in Finland. Through these scholarships, international students will be able to study in academic institutions at universities, polytechnics or universities of applied sciences located in Finland. These scholarship programs are available only to applicants whose main home country is outside EU/EEA countries and Switzerland.

A unique opportunity from Finland

Apply for a government-funded scholarship to pursue an Undergraduate, Master’s or PhD degree from one of their higher education institutions. Interested applicants must apply via the Finnish National Board of Education. Scholarships are available for both EU/EEA students and non-EU/EEA students. The scholarship is funded by Finland through its Ministry of Education and Culture and by participating universities in Finland. The aim of these scholarships is to promote international understanding, intercultural exchange and mobility, and mutual appreciation between people from various countries.

The best part about studying in Finland

Free education! Finland grants free higher education to all international students, making it easy on your pockets while studying in Europe. This means that tuition fees and other expenses like books, housing, clothing and food are paid by Finnish government. The exact amount of financial aid varies from degree to degree and institution to institution. An international student may also get a part-time job during studies without having to apply for a work permit as long as it does not interfere with studies or teaching obligations at school.

How to apply for an international student position in Finland

You need to know how to apply for a Finland government scholarship to study in Finland. Finland is one of those countries where you can live on less than 2,000 euros per month. The cost of living in Helsinki is lower than any other city of its size in Western Europe and even some Eastern European cities.

Apply Now

Do I qualify?

To be eligible to apply for a Finland Government scholarship, you must: Be a national of a country outside Finland; Have been accepted at an approved Finnish institution of higher education; Be 18 or older by 1 August in the year when you start your studies in Finland. Your previous study level and academic performance are not considered. These scholarships do not require special applications and cannot be awarded retroactively. However, applicants must meet their own tuition fees and provide sufficient funds for living expenses during their stay in Finland.

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