Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2024 | Apply Now

Good news for the students of Commonwealth as applications are now open for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2024. These scholarships are for master’s degree programs with a maximum duration of two years. All international students from commonwealth countries are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Students who are not in least of commonwealth countries are ineligible for this scholarship program.

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The main aim of this scholarship program is to help students to achieve there academic goals and to competite in this world. The best thing about this scholarship program is that their Is not application fee. You just need to fill an application form. All the academic fields are available as many universities are participating in commonwealth scholarships. Please note that these scholarships are only for Low and Middle-income, so of you are not from Low and Middle-income please don’t apply for this scholarship program.

The duration of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2024 is one to two years depending on the the degree program chosen by the student. Commonwealth Scholarships are fully funded scholarships, all the expenses of scholarships will be covered.  There are total 12 countries participating in Queen Elizabeth scholarship who can apply for any of those counties where you want to study your masters degree for free.

Details of  Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2024

  • Countries: Commonwealth Countries
  • Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Degree Programs: Master’s Degree (2 Years)
  • Application Deadline: 24 May 2024 at 15:00 (UTC) (but it carries country by country)

Benefits of QECS Scholarship

As this is a fully funded scholarship, all the expenses of living and studying will be covered. Students will get following benefits:

  • Tuition Fees.
  • Living Allowance.
  • Free Accommodation
  • Early Arrival Allowance.
  • Research Support allowance.
  • Economy Flights tickets allowance.

Eligible Countries and Universities

COMSATS University Pakistan

  • Masters courses

University entry requirements


Universiti Malaya

Universiti Putra Malaysia

  • Entry requirements:
    • 6.0 in IELTS or equivalent.
    • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.75.
  • Contact: pg_admission@upm.edu.my


University of Dhaka 

  • All Masters courses
  • Requirements:
    • 4 years of Bachelors Degree.
  • Contact: oia@du.ac.bd


Masters courses (1.5-2 years)

  • Requirements:
    • Undergraduate Degree
  • Contact Email: lnhlabatsi@uniswa.sz
  • Degree Programs:
    • MSc Chemistry
    • MEd Educational Foundations and Management
    • MSc Horticulture
    • MSc Conservation Ecology
    • MEd Curriculum and Teaching
    • MEd Primary Education
    • MSc Computational Physics
    • MSc Agricultural and Applied Economics
    • MSc Agricultural Extension
    • MSc Crop Science
    • MSc Crop Protection
    • MEd Adult Education
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • MSc Midwifery
    • MSc Environmental Resources Management
    • MA History
    • MSc Food Science and Technology
    • MSc Agricultural Education
    • MSc Animal Science
    • MSc Consumer Science Education
    • MSc Textiles
    • MSc Mathematics
    • Master of Nursing Science in Family Nurse Practice


Masters courses (1.5-2 years)

  • Requirements:
    • Undergraduate Degree
  • Contact Email: ipo@knust.edu.gh
  • Degree Programs:
    • MPhil Packaging Technology and Management
    • MPhil Animal Nutrition
    • MPhil Landscape Studies
    • MSc Agricultural Extension and Development Communication
    • MPhil Vegetable Crops Production
    • MPhil Construction Management
    • MPhil Agribusiness Management
    • MPhil Soil Science
    • MSc Construction Management (One Year)
    • MPhil Reproductive Physiology
    • MPhil Wildlife and Range Management
    • MPhil Aquaculture and Environment
    • MPhil Postharvest Technology
    • MPhil Crop Protection (Plant Virology)
    • MPhil Procurement Management
    • MPhil Natural Resources and Environmental Governance
    • MPhil Crop Protection (Nematology)
    • MArch (Master of Architecture)
    • MPhil Agroforestry
    • MPhil Animal Breeding and Genetics
    • MPhil Fruit Crops Production
    • MPhil Agronomy (Crop Physiology)
    • MPhil Crop Protection (Entomology)
    • MPhil Agronomy
    • MPhil Agricultural Economics
    • MPhil Silviculture and Forest Management
    • MPhil Wood Science and Technology
    • MPhil Architectural Studies – Two Years
    • MPhil Watershed Management
    • MSc Project Management (One Year)
    • MPhil Agricultural Extension and Development Communication
    • MSc Geo-Information Science for Natural Resources Management
    • MSc Agribusiness Management
    • MPhil Fisheries Management
    • MPhil Crop Protection (Plant Pathology)
    • MPhil Plant Breeding
    • MPhil Seed Science and Technology
    • MSc Procurement Management (One Year)
    • MPhil Meat Science

The University of West Indies

Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago

Masters courses (1.5-2 years)

Contact Email: sgsr@uwimona.edu.jm

Cave Hill Campus, Barbados:

  • Offered Courses:
    • MSc Marketing
    • Master of Laws (General, Corporate & Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law,
    • Master of Education
    • MA Global African Studies
    • Master Public Health
    • MSc Human Resource Management
    • MSc Labour & Employment Relations
    • MA History
    • MSc Banking & Finance
    • MSc Nursing
    • Legislative Drafting, or Public Law)
    • MSc International Trade Policy
    • MA Linguistics
    • MSc Sport Sciences
    • MSc Business Analytics
    • MSc Renewable Energy Management
    • MSc Financial and Business Economics
    • MSc Integration Studies
    • MSc Natural Resource Management [Specialisations in: (i) Tropical Coastal and Marine Resource Management; (ii) Climate Change; (iii) Water Resources Management; OR (iv) Land Management and Environmental Resilience]
    • MA Caribbean Studies*
    • MSc Financial Management
    • MA Creative Arts
    • MA Heritage Studies
    • MSc Investment and Wealth Management

St. Augustine Campus

  • Offered Courses:
    • MSc Agricultural Economics
    • MSc Urban and Regional Planning
    • MSc Computer Sciences
    • MSc Value Addition for Food and Nutrition Security
    • MSc Agri-Food Safety & Quality Assurance
    • MSc Mathematics
    • MSc Reservoir Engineering
    • MSc Tourism Development & Management
    • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering
    • MSc Sport Management
    • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering with Management
    • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering with Environmental Engineering
    • MSc Geoinformatics
    • MSc Marketing and Agribusiness
    • MSc Engineering Management
    • MSc Civil Engineering
    • MSc Tropical Crop Protection
    • MSc Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health
    • MSc Food Science and Technology
    • MSc Civil with Environmental Engineering
    • MSc Management Studies
    • MSc Biotechnology
    • MSc Petroleum Engineering and Management
    • MSc Tropical Animal Science and Production
    • MSc Manufacturing Engineering and Management

Mona Campus, Jamaica

  • Offered Courses:
    • MSc Medical Physics
    • MSc Sports Business Management
    • MSc Advanced Electronics Systems
    • Master of Public Health
    • MSc Natural Resource Management – Integrated Urban and Rural Environmental Management
    • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management
    • MSc Renewable Energy Management
    • MA History
    • MSc National Security and Strategic Studies
    • MSc Natural Resource Management – Disaster Risk Management
    • MSc Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
    • MEd Educational Leadership and Management
    • MSc Renewable Energy Technology
    • MSc Agricultural Entrepreneurship
    • MSc Development Studies
    • MSc Natural Resource Management – Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystem
    • MA Public History and Caribbean Heritage


Makerere University

Masters courses (1.5-2 years)

Contact Email: drgtmak@gmail.com

Degree Programs:

  • MA Gender Studies
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Agribusiness Management
  • MSc Renewable Energy
  • MSc Food Safety and Quality Management


The State University of Zanzibar

  • Masters courses (1.5-2 years)

Contact Email: dgsrc@suza.ac.tz

Degree Programs:

  • MA Education Youth and Gender Development
  • MSc Information Technology
  • MSc Climate Change and Natural Resource

Entry requirements:

  • Good academic record
  • 4 years of undergraduate study.


University of Mauritius

  • Masters courses (1.5-2 years)

Entry requirements:

  • Good academic record
  • Background in medicine
  • GPA not less than 2.5 out of 4

Contact Email: h.jugoo@uom.ac.mu

Eligibility Criteria

All the students are advised to check the eligibility criteria before apply for Commonwealth scholarships because there will be no benefits if you are ineligible, you must meet the following criteria:

In basic criteria:

  • Universities own criteria (varies for each university)


The application deadline for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships for 2024 is 24/05/2024 (dd/mm/yyyy) at 15:00 (UTC). 

How to Apply for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships?

You need to apply online for QECS Scholarships, to apply online you can visit the  Official Website of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship.

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