Global Leadership Scholarship 2022 – There’s Still Plenty of Time to Apply

Hurry up because There’s Still Plenty of Time to Apply for Global Leadership Scholarship 2022, Every year, thousands of young men and women around the world apply to be part of The Global Leadership Scholarship (GLS). Unfortunately, each year less than 2% are accepted.

This year, however, that changes – GLS 2022 starts accepting applications on January 1st, meaning you still have plenty of time to apply if you haven’t already! All it takes is two minutes to get your application started on their website here .

Global Leadership Scholarship 2022

The Global Leadership Program helps students develop into highly effective leaders and learn how to lead themselves and others. Partnered with leading universities around the world, GLS is committed to providing a high-quality education that meets international standards.

Since its establishment in 1996, GLS has served over 11,000 students and resulted in over 5 billion people benefitting from these leaders’ ideas, projects, and knowledge. The next application period opens on May 1st and will run through August 15th.

Who can apply?

You must be a citizen or legal resident of a country in Africa or Asia. You also must not have earned an undergraduate degree, nor can you have graduated from high school prior to January 1, 2021. If your high school class has yet to graduate, you will be able to submit your application upon graduation. The only exception is that people from China cannot apply for three years following their high school graduation date.

Application Guidelines

We received over 4,000 applications for our Global Leadership Scholarships in 2018. That number will only continue to grow, so we have some important information for you. First and foremost, if you’re a student in middle school or high school, or even if you’re still exploring your education options at that point (perhaps you haven’t yet picked a major), there is still plenty of time to apply!

We do not require an applicant to declare a major until they are admitted into our leadership program. In fact, applicants don’t need any sort of college commitment at all until they arrive on campus at Stanford. This allows students an abundance of time to explore their options before making such a big decision with far-reaching consequences.

What Will You Study?

Studies show that students who study abroad are more likely to become globally-minded, open-minded and well-rounded. If you’re interested in studying abroad after your bachelor’s degree is completed, here are a few things you should know. You may want to start thinking about studying outside of your home country immediately after graduating high school.

Why? The best opportunities fill up quickly, especially for non-Americans looking for study abroad scholarships . In fact, some schools require candidates submit their application more than a year before classes begin. For example, University of Reading requires applications be submitted 18 months prior to beginning studies while University College London requires three years advance notice!

How Much Will it Cost?

The Global leadership Scholarship is an exciting opportunity for any student who can meet a few key criteria. First, you have to be between 18 and 28 years old by July 1, 2022. Second, you have to be studying at least part-time in a field related to global leadership. And third, you need to be committed to going abroad for at least one year after graduation—though we’d recommend doing it for longer than that! That said, if all those things sound like you then there are still many great opportunities left for students who want them. In fact, some countries haven’t been filled yet (like Mexico) so we encourage interested students from any country who want a scholarship to apply as soon as possible.

How Do I Apply?

The first step is getting involved in your community and finding a local service organization. An easy way to do that is by volunteering for one of our partner organizations like Girl Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, or Volunteer Match. All you need is some spare time and maybe a desire to make a difference; most organizations would love for you to lend them both! Once you’ve found an organization or two that inspires you, read through their mission statements. It can help with defining how your own leadership vision fits in with theirs and demonstrate how committed you are by using relevant examples from your experience.


The Global Leadership Scholarship (GLS) offers a unique opportunity for passionate and committed students to grow their leadership skills, expand their global horizons, and build invaluable life-skills as they develop professionally. For those who are still in high school or college, apply now! Applications close on March 31st at 11:59PM GMT+0. But be sure not to miss out on all of these valuable benefits…



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