Frances Frank Rollin Fellowship 2024 for $2,000 – Apply Now

Applications for Frances Frank Rollin Fellowship 2024 have been opened. Fellowship rewards $ 2,000 for a biographical author about a Native American or mathematician whose story makes a significant contribution to understanding black knowledge.

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The Rollin Fellowship aims to address the immeasurable shortcomings and even pressures of black lives and voices in a comprehensive biography catalog published. This engagement reflects not only the BIO’s commitment to supporting active biographers but also to promoting diversity in the field.

This fellowship also provides the recipient with an annual membership in the Biographers International Organization (BIO), registration at the BIO Annual Conference, and advertising for BIO marketing channels.


$ 2,000 is awarded for a unique biography on the African American theme.

Eligibility for Frances Frank Rollin Fellowship 2024

It is open to all biographers anywhere in the world who write in English, who work on African American biography (or mathematics), and who are not at any stage in the writing of the length of a book.

A publishing contract is not required to qualify.

The Biography as described in this award is about a person’s life or the story of a group of lives. New treatments for health (or health) will be considered at the committee’s discretion. Reminders are not valid.

Application Process for Frances Frank Rollin Fellowship 2024

Upload the following submissions to one document:

  • Project description (500 words or less): provide an overview of the biography and explain how this human life work fits into the purpose of the Rollin Fellowship.
  • Statement of need (500 words or less): state where you are in the writing process and how you and your employee can benefit from the Rollin Fellowship; If your work is not yet under contract, please include your plans for publication.
  • Author’s history (500 words or less).
  • Excerpt from your manuscript (over 20 pages).
  • Your document should be split in two, with 12-point type and standard genes. your document must be in PDF format.

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