European Development Days (EDD) Young Leaders Program 2022

Applications open for the 2022 European Development Days (EDD) young Leaders Program. EDD provides a unique opportunity for young people from all over the world who have strong knowledge and commitment to positive social change to share their ideas, influence decision makers and stakeholders. and developing leadership skills.

This year’s EDD will focus on “Global Gateway: building sustainable relationships for a connected world.” Global Gateway is a new European strategy to develop smart, clean and secure digital connections, energy and transportation and to strengthen global health, education and research programs. The discussions will be organized into five themes and related topics.

In accordance with existing regulations in June 2022, they will invite those who have been nominated as EDD Sub-Leaders to participate in the Top Panels in Brussels.

Digital: Integrated and green digital growth | Open and secure Internet | Digital economy and data
Climate and energy: Green and energy change | Integrating energy markets
Transport: Infrastructure Contact | Raw and safe travel | Urban development, smart and connected cities.
Health: Security chains supply and development of local production
Education and Research: Science, Technology, Innovation and Research | Quality education

Table Of Contents


  • They may come from anywhere in the world.
  • Applicant must be between the ages of 21 and 26 June 14-15, 2022;

Benefits of EDD young Leaders Program:

Elected Junior Leaders will be invited to address the Top Panels of EDD 2022, as well as VIPs and key decision-makers. While this practice is rewarding, as it gives new participants a voice as a quality speaker, the time allotted for the panel can be limited. Therefore, they encourage Young Leaders attending EDD 2022 to participate in other activities, including Labon Dialogue or Brainstorming Sessions, where they will be given more space to express their views and share their knowledge.


How follow below steps to submit your plan proposal / request:

  • STEP 1: Create a profile.
  • STEP 2: Log in to your EDD account.
  • STEP 3: Submit a session proposal, stand or exhibition / performance and apply for the Small Leaders Program





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