Beyond The ‘Robot Butler,’ AI And Customer Experience Have More In Common Than You May Think

I recently hosted a “Driving value through customer” panel with Meenakshi Nagarajan, SVP for Recurring Revenue and Loyalty at Panera Bread, and Kapil Gupta, Head of Data Science, Trust at Airbnb. Our discussion provided valuable ideas for designing a rich customer experience. I also learned a few lessons on how Airbnb and Panera affect the design of the customer experience, lessons that are directly related to the use of AI-driven solutions.

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Behavior and obedience cannot be considered in the background
As AI staff, we are increasingly committed to building trust in our AI systems; therefore, trust and morality will not be the next thing. Meenakshi and Kapil have both made it clear that it is important for them to think about ethics, checks and standards, obedience and common sense just from the start. We must also be careful not to offend customers with our AI solutions with intervention initiatives.

General purpose
Coordination between a large group of diverse people within an organization is essential to the best interests of our customers. In both cases there is a sense of belonging, a common denominator, a common denominator that binds different departments. In Panera Bread, this common goal is called “Panera warmth” among employees and has always been in its DNA. Similarly, Airbnb strives for 11-star customer information. When planning AI-driven programs and processes, look for that common goal. What is the future problem we are solving, and is it well understood by all departments? Have we pointed to the fragmentation, and connectivity of other systems and the flow of work?
Repetitive method
Meenakshi and Kapil, both of whom have successfully delivered products or services to their companies, have noted that it is rare to coordinate all aspects of a new initiative immediately. In the early stages of a product or service, it is difficult to determine which features customers will like. Learn as a product or service changes – and as it gets more attractive. The design of AI systems should be the same; the iterative approach can move towards higher solutions. What are the best conditions for the use of Agile methods? Groups of Early Experience?

AI should be about making organizations human
As customers, we always remember personal touch. A thoughtful greeting from the flight attendant on their birthday is guaranteed. For Panera Bread, the equivalent would be a greeting as we enter the drive-thru or inform the regular customer at the restaurant. In an increasingly digital world, the first, the omnichannel, where the opportunity arises, personalized greetings always bring a smile. Successful organizations like Panera Bread and Airbnb strive to connect the dots to the customer experience. AI-driven solutions are not designed for vacuum use. These solutions should be designed to help this human touch. The power of such solutions is driven by greater integration across the organization, which also provides more customer information.

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