Austrian Development Scholarships 2024 – Study In Australia

Here we have an exciting opportunity as Austrian Development Scholarships for 2024 to study in Austria, the beautiful capital city of Vienna, which has been chosen as one of the best student cities in the world. This scholarship program gives you the chance to do an internship at a local organization during your studies and gain practical experience while you are there! These scholarships are fully funded and require no tuition fees. The application process is easy and can be completed entirely online! Just follow this step-by-step guide on how to apply now!

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Austrian Development Scholarships

Who can apply? Scholarships are open to all nationals of developing countries. You should have a professional or academic qualification equivalent to a master’s degree (or higher) from an Austrian university. Candidates who are currently enrolled in postgraduate or doctoral studies at an Austrian institution will also be considered.

Ph.D. students will receive grants until they complete their doctorate and postgraduate students until they finish their degree, with Ph.D. candidates having priority over postgraduates in each case. The scholarship recipients may continue their studies at a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) if accepted by one before receiving their scholarship award letter.

Austrian Development Scholarship 2024

  • Scholarship: Full / Partial Support
  • Eligible: Developing Countries & ADCs
  • Prize Country: Oesterreich
  • Finish Date: Fifteen May 2024.

Austrian Development Scholarships

Developing countries have tremendous capacity and talent if only given a chance. Nations that are geographically far from global centers of trade and commerce often face challenges in developing their economies. Austria is committed to supporting such nations by awarding Austrian Development Scholarships (ADS) every year.

ADS is open not only to students but also researchers, scientists, etc., who are interested in pursuing studies in Austrian universities or institutions of higher education. It offers fellowships for Master’s Degree and Ph.D. programs. If you would like to apply for Austrian Development Scholarship then follow these steps

When Is The Deadline For Applications?

Applications will open on May 1, 2024, and applications close on June 30, 2024. There is no extension date. So as soon as possible apply and submit your documents so that they can be reviewed by July 1, 2024.

If I Qualify, How Much Money Can I Expect?

In recent years, most Austrian development scholarships have been awarded at a rate of €3000/month. That’s equivalent to $3400 per month when adjusted for USD-EUR exchange rates (which fluctuate).

For example, if your scholarship started in September of 2024, and you took an 11-month position in Austria starting on July 1st, 2024: that would mean your scholarship would end on March 1st, 2018. At €3000/month from May through December (your first half year in Austria), that adds up to €18000.

Which Courses Will Be Offered In The Future?

Each semester, a selection of courses will be available. Courses offered so far include #1 Developing your Website, #2 Introduction to Writing Journal Articles and Books, #3 Proofreading and Editing, #4 Information Management, etc.

A detailed list of courses can be found here. Those interested in applying should register now as applications will only be accepted from registered students who have applied for matriculation at MQS. It is important that all applicants are aware that space is limited and highly competitive; thus, early registration is recommended. Deadline: To apply for Austrian Development Scholarships one must apply by July 30th, 2024 at midnight (CET).

How Do I Apply For Austrian Development Scholarships?

Like all other international scholarships, Austrian Development Scholarships are provided on a merit basis. The Austrian Ministry of Education promotes its scholarship programs and applications may be submitted to The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA) by eligible candidates in good time before the closing date. In addition, applicants must adhere to specific criteria set by BMEIA to be eligible for these scholarships.

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