U.S. Presidential Scholar Award 2024 – Complete Guide

Each year, up to 161 students are named Scholars by U.S. Presidential Scholar Award, one of the highest National awards for high school students. Experts represent academic excellence and the promise of greatness to the youth.

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In honor of US President’s scholars, the President of the United States figuratively pays homage to all high school graduates with high potential.

Qualifications of U.S. President

Students have the opportunity to become scholars of the President based on the three means of success. The majority of students are selected on the basis of broad academic achievement.

Approximately 20 additional students are selected on the basis of their scholarship and art scholarship in visual arts, performing arts, or artistic writing. Another 20 students were selected on the basis of their outstanding scholarship and their achievements in the fields of vocational and technical education.

On the artistic side of the program, students are first selected based on their artistic abilities. Students must participate in YoungArts, a national program that identifies and recognizes young people who are excelling in the arts.

YoungArts, the core program of YoungArts, the National Foundation for the Advancement of Artists, nominates about 60 students who meet the requirements to run for U.S. presidency.

Entries are mailed to selected students, and they are invited to apply for the program. To ensure their interest, candidates in the education and arts elections complete and submit application materials, including essays, self-assessment, high school reports and documents for review.

As part of the vocational and technical education program, students are initially selected based on their achievements in the field of vocational and technical education. Students are appointed by their Chief State School Officer (CSSO).

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Each CSSO can nominate up to five people who meet the requirements for entry into the U.S. Presidential Scholars. Entries are mailed to selected students, and they are invited to apply for the program. To ensure their interest, all candidates complete and submit materials, including essays, self-assessments, high school reports and documents for review.

Procedure for Selecting U.S. Presidential Expert Experts

The selection of nearly 4,000 students for the standard program, for the most part, was based on SAT and ACT schools. Examination points for each region / area are reviewed, and the School for Literacy-based (RW) and Math SAT schools are compared to the ACT English, Reading and Math school. The highest test result per student (in single test management) is identified; duplicates and / or lower scores are reduced.

In each district, scores are calculated from top to bottom. Points associated with the top 20 male and 20 female senior examiners are used to select candidates for each region, the state of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the families of U.S. citizens living abroad.

Complete scores are determined for both men and women from that condition. In addition, each State School Official (CSSO) official may nominate 10 men and 10 women, based on their outstanding bursary, residing in the CSSO area. The program also works with a number of accredited organizations that will nominate up to 40 people for their programs. Students are considered in their official residency districts, unless they live abroad. Entries are mailed to students to participate in the program.

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Application for U.S. Presidential Scholar Award

The request is for invitation only; therefore, students will not apply individually to the Program, and their schools will not nominate them.

  • The Review Committee of qualified and experienced primary and secondary education examiners evaluates candidates for their academic achievement, personal characteristics, leadership and service responsibilities, as well as their essay analysis. An estimated 650 nominees entered the final phase and were referred to the Commission for review. All artistic nominees who submit entries automatically progress to the semifinalist category.
  • In April, the Presidential Experts Commission reviewed the applications of all semi-finalists based on the same principles used by the review committee. The Commission selects up to 161 US Presidential Scholars per year. All academics are recognized for their achievements during the National Honors Program.
  • Experts of the US President are honored with a U.S. medal. Presidential Scholars every June.
  • For more than 57 years, this unique government program has been honored by nearly 8,000 U.S. President’s scholars, who have demonstrated leadership, scholarship, and contribution to school and community. The work of the Presidential Scholars Commission reaffirms, on behalf of the President, the National commitment to education.

How are presidential candidates elected?

Students are appointed by their Chief State School Officer (CSSO). Each CSSO can nominate up to five people who meet the requirements for entry into the U.S. Presidential Scholars. Entries are mailed to selected students, and they are invited to apply for the program.

How much is the Presidential Scholarship?
The awards are for the highest number of semesters in the fall and spring (four years) for students seeking their undergraduate degree. Prizes range from $ 16,000 to $ 24,000 per year.

  • How to Win the U.S. Presidential Expert Program
  • The U.S. system The Presidential Scholars Program is one of the most rewarding bursaries.
  • However, the Presidential Expert Plan is available by invitation only. So even if you qualify, you may not be able to apply unless you are invited. Here is how to determine each of the three main approaches to general education, arts, careers and technology (CTE)

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