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If you also looking to study in Hungary then you must be searching for University of Debrecen Scholarships , don’t worry today we will cover all of your questions regarding  Debrecen Scholarships available for international students. We will try to cover everything including Eligibility Criteria, application process, frequently asked questions and best practices to follow in order to win these scholarships So lets get started. Here are some of the University of Debrecen Scholarship available to international students at the University of Debrecen for 2024.

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Each year, countless students from around the world apply to study in Hungary. Among them are a significant number of talented scholars who can choose between several high quality programs at our internationally accredited institution. The total costs per year (tuition and living expenses) range from €11,000 to €19,500 depending on individual eligibility, course level and duration.

Our financial aid office is available to help eligible students apply for an academic scholarship program awarded by various foundations in addition to loans and grants provided by governmental institutions both in Hungary and abroad. It is possible to obtain scholarships only if you have been admitted and have received an offer letter from one of our degree programs. To learn more about application procedure and deadlines contact us:

University of Debrecen Scholarship 2024 Details

  • Country: Hungary
  • Degrees: BS, MS, and PhD
  • University: University of Debrecen
  • Deadline: 31st May 2024

Financial Aid

Grants and scholarships are often referred to as financial aid, a blanket term that encompasses any type of award given to students that doesn’t have to be paid back. Most scholarships are merit-based, meaning they’re awarded on behalf of your hard work, academic achievement or financial need. For example, many schools offer merit awards based off GPA and/or SAT scores.

Others require an essay or application. There are also need-based awards available through government programs like Pell Grants and Direct Loans; these awards are reserved for students who can prove their families can’t afford college costs without assistance. Though not all schools participate in every type of scholarship program, it never hurts to look around – there might be something available you didn’t know about!

Duration of University of Debrecen Scholarship

  • Undergraduate: 4 years
  • Ph.D.: 3 years
  • Master: 2 years

Admissions Criteria and Requirements

To be eligible for a University of Debrecen Scholarship, applicants must have been born on or after 1 January 1999 and before 31 December 2003. Students will be ranked based on their previous year’s performance and current school grades in their 12th grade year (or equivalent) and will also be screened through interviews and an essay competition. International students are not eligible to apply. There is no application fee.

Available Fields & Majors

Undergraduate/Bachelor Programs:

Business Programs

  1. Commerce and Marketing, BA
  2. Business Administration and Management, BA​

Agriculture Program

  1. Food Engineering, BSc

Engineering Programs

  1. Biochemical Engineering, BSc
  2. Civil Engineering, BSc
  3. Chemical Engineering, BSc
  4. Electrical Engineering, BSc
  5. ​​Automotive Production Process Control Specialization
  6. Mechanical Engineering, BSc
  7. Building Services Engineering Specialization
  8. Mechatronics Engineering, BSc
  9. Operation and Maintenance Specialization​​
  10. Professional Pilot, BSc​

Humanities Program

  1. English and American Studies, BA

Health Programs

  1. Nursing and Patient Care (Physiotherapy), BSc
  2. Public Health, BSc

Music Programs

  1. Musical Creative Art and Musicology, BA
  2. Classical Performing Arts (Music), BA

Science Programs

  1. Biology, BSc
  2. ​Earth Sciences, BSc
  3. Chemistry, BSc
  4. Mathematics, BSc
  5. ​Geography, BSc
  6. Physics, BSc

IT Programs

  1. Business Informatics, BSc
  2. ​Computer Science Engineering, BSc
  3. Computer Science, BSc

Graduate Programs:

Agriculture Programs

  1. Animal Husbandry Engineering, MSc
  2. Agricultural Water Management Engineering, MSc
  3. Agricultural Environmental Management Engineering, MSc
  4. Food Safety and Quality Engineering, MSc
  5. ​Rural Development Engineering, MSc
  6. Plant Protection, MSc

Business Program

  1. International Economy and Business, MA

Health Programs

  1. Complex Rehabilitation, MSc​
  2. Social Work in Health Care, MSc
  3. Public Health, MSc​
  4. Social Work and Social Economy, MA

Engineering Programs

  1. Engineering Management, MSc
  2. Mechatronic Engineering, MSc
  3. Environmental Engineering, MSc
  4. Urban Systems Engineering, MSc
  5. ​Mechanical Engineering, MSc

Science Programs

  1. Applied Mathematics, MSc
  2. Chemistry, MSc
  3. Biology, MSc
  4. Environmental Sciences, MSc
  5. ​Hydrobiology – Water Quality Management, MSc
  6. Geography, MSc
  7. Molecular Biology, MSc

Humanities Programs

  1. English Studies, MA
  2. American Studies, MA

IT Programs

  1. Computer Science Engineering, MSc
  2. Computer Science, MSc

Music Program

  1. Classical Musical Performance, MA

Law Program

  1. European and International Business Law- LL.M.

Ph.D. Doctoral Degree Program:


  1. English and American Literature
  2. History and Ethnology
  3. English Linguistics

Agricultural Sciences

  1. Animal Science
  2. ​Crop Sciences and Horticulture
  3. Doctoral School of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Information Technology

  1. Informatics

Business and Economics

  1. Management and Business

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

  1. Doctoral School of Health Sciences
  2. Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine
  3. Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  4. Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine
  5. Doctoral School of Molecular Cell and Immune Biology
  6. Doctoral School of Neurosciences
  7. Kálmán Laki Doctoral School
  8. Gyula Petrányi Doctoral School of Clinical Immunology and Allergology
  9. Doctoral School of Dental Sciences

Social Sciences

  1. Human Sciences
  2. Legal Studies

Natural Sciences

  1. Biology and Environmental Sciences
  2. Chemistry
  3. Earth Sciences
  4. Mathematical and Computational Sciences
  5. Physics

One-Tier Programs:

  1. Dentistry, Full-time Graduate Program  (Here for Details)
  2. Pharmacy, Full-time Graduate Program (Here for Details)
  3. Medicine, Full-time Graduate Program (Here for Details)

More Detail about Programs can be found by following links:

  1. Here for Undergraduate
  2. Here for Ph.D.
  3. Here for Master
  4. Here for One-Tier Programs

Scholarships in Hungary

If you are a citizen of an EU country and want to study in Hungary, you can get a scholarship from some higher education institutions. There are two types of scholarships available: Erasmus+ (for studies outside EU) and CEF (for studies within EU). The amount of scholarship depends on your own financial resources, thus, please check each case individually. Besides these opportunities students could also apply for their own government’s scholarships -based on their citizenship.

How to Apply for University of Debrecen Scholarship

The most important step is to make sure you fulfill all requirements. Every university requires different documents and application processes. For example, in order to apply, you’ll usually need to have your high school transcripts evaluated (for free!), as well as a transcript from your current university. To learn more about how to apply and which documents are required, visit each university’s scholarship page. The scholarships listed below generally require: College transcripts/numbers.

Hope you find all the information from this blog post about University of Debrecen Scholarships. We highly appreciate you showing interest for these scholarships. We tried our best to cover most of your questions about these Debrecen University Scholarships for international students.

No mater where you live you should try your luck and apply for these scholarships.  If there are still questions about these scholarships , we also mentioned the official link of the scholarships , you can visit the official website for further updated information of the scholarship.



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Good Luck!!!

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