Top 7 Scholarships in Sweden for International Students 2024

Scholarships in Sweden for International Students are one of the golden opportunities to study in Europe. In 2010 Sweden was only one of the countries in Europe where students went to study for free. The Swedish government is now offering scholarships that cover tuition and application fees of students from non-EU/EEA countries, which are mostly sponsored by Swedish scholarship programs. A good number of Scholarships in Sweden are available to study for free in one of the best countries in Europe we highly recommend you apply for these scholarships in Sweden for International Students.

In recent years, Sweden has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for international students. The reason behind this growth is the Swedish education system, which has been constantly ranked among the best in the world by several prestigious organizations like the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Reuters.

In addition to providing high-quality education, Sweden offers numerous other benefits including the affordable cost of living, extremely low crime rate, and excellent work opportunities after graduation. Yet while these are great reasons to study in Sweden, there’s still one more thing that makes it even more attractive – financial aid!

List of Scholarships in Sweden for International Students 2024

Following are some top scholarships in Sweden for international students in the year 2024

1. The Swedish Institute Scholarship programs

The Swedish Institute (SI) provides a variety of scholarships in Sweden to students wishing to study in Sweden. Some of these include The Student Leader Scholarship, Leaders for Diversity Scholarship, Bridge Programme Scholarship, and more. To be eligible for any of these scholarships, you must be a citizen from one of several countries with which Sweden has active cooperation agreements. You must also be admitted to an education program at a university or university college located in Sweden. To apply, you must fill out an application form available on SI’s website.

2. YMCA Scholarship

This scholarship is available to international students who want to pursue an academic program. It is only open to students with residency in Sweden, however. The amount of funding awarded is up to $2,500 and it can be applied toward a college degree or certificate program at any Swedish university or college. Candidates must be full-time students and have a grade point average above 3.5 out of 4 points (or equivalent). They must also be legal residents of Sweden and have attended high school there before applying. For more information, please visit. This scholarship is available to international students who want to pursue an academic program. It is only open to students with residency in Sweden, however.

3. Olof Palme International Center

This is a Swedish organization that offers two major scholarships to people who are pursuing their education at or near Stockholm University. The center grants a total of 10,000 euros per year to one student and 2,500 euros per year to another student. This scholarship is very similar to other Scandinavian scholarships and requires that you apply early and be able to prove your academic excellence. To apply, submit your application before April 1st and write about why you want the scholarship.

4. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programs

This program provides an excellent opportunity to study for a Master’s degree at some of Europe’s top universities. There are many combinations available, but some include studying international business management with free time to travel through Western and Central Europe and Scandinavia, or engineering with free time to explore Germany. The application deadline is November 30th and scholarships are available for EU citizens, non-EU nationals, Erasmus+ grantees, candidates with a GRE score of 670 or higher on all three sections (verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing), outstanding students from developing countries and candidates who have completed their first degree at a university outside of Europe. Scholarships cover up to 2/3 of tuition fees plus travel expenses. Apply Here.

5. University Centre in Södertörn

The University Centre in Södertörn is a university college run by Stockholm University. They have a great selection of programs that can be completed either entirely or partially in English, so it’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to spend time living and studying in Stockholm while they continue their education. Moreover, they have a large selection of scholarship opportunities on offer each year—some exclusively designed to help international students, such as those offered by Jacobs Foundation and IBM Germany. There are also scholarships available from within Södertörn itself, including money that’s reserved specifically for international students with backgrounds and educational experiences different from those of Swedish people.

6. Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS)

This program aims to promote international collaboration and intercultural understanding among youth. It gives a chance to talented young students between 18-25 years old to conduct research in their chosen field of interest over two weeks. The program is open to applicants from all nations as long as they are citizens of countries where English is not an official language and studying science or technology at a university level. Approximately 100 participants were selected out of 350 that applied.

7. Bernadotte Education Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by several Swedish universities. The scholarships are given to international students who want to study abroad in one of those Swedish universities. The stipend you receive depends on which university you choose. For example, if you choose Karlstad University, the stipend will be SEK 28 300 per year or SEK 9300 monthly (plus a travel allowance).

Benefits of Studying in Sweden

Sweden is known for its innovative mindset, design, and technology, but it also offers world-class education. The Swedish education system is known for its high-quality, innovative teaching methods, and research, making it an attractive destination for students seeking quality education. Studying in Sweden comes with a range of benefits that set it apart from other study-abroad destinations.

1. High-Quality Education System

Sweden has a well-organized education system that is well-funded and ranked high in the world. The country is home to some of the best universities in Europe, with world-class facilities, excellent academic resources, and modern teaching methods. These universities offer high-quality education in fields like technology, engineering, medicine, and more.

2. Diverse Range of Programs

Sweden offers a diverse range of programs for students to choose from, ranging from traditional academic programs to vocational training courses. Students can pursue their interests and develop their skills through various study fields and programs, ensuring they receive an education that matches their goals and aspirations.

3. English-Taught Courses

One of the benefits of studying in Sweden is that universities offer courses taught in English, making it easier for international students to adapt to the environment and integrate with the local community. English is widely spoken in Sweden, which makes it an accessible place for international students to communicate and interact with the locals.

4. Safe and Welcoming Environment

Sweden is known for its safe and welcoming environment, making it an ideal destination for international students. The country’s low crime rate, equality, and tolerance towards different cultures make it a perfect place for international students to feel secure and welcome.

5. Strong Economy and Job Opportunities

Sweden has a strong economy and a low unemployment rate, making it a great place for students to pursue internships or part-time work while studying. International students are also allowed to stay and work in the country after graduation, providing them with more career opportunities and a chance to gain work experience.

6. Beautiful Scenery and Unique Culture

Sweden has beautiful landscapes, from its crystal-clear lakes, forests, and mountains, making it a great place to live and study. Swedish culture is unique and rich in history, offering students the chance to explore a new way of life.

7. Outdoor Activities

Sweden’s natural beauty and landscapes offer students the opportunity to engage in various outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and cycling. These activities are a great way for students to stay active and explore the beautiful environment around them.

8. Sustainable Living

Sweden is a country committed to sustainable living, offering students a unique opportunity to learn about and contribute to sustainable practices. Swedish universities are focused on sustainability, and students can study courses related to environmentalism, renewable energy, and sustainable living.

9. Accommodation Options

Sweden has a variety of accommodation options for international students


 Sweden offers a range of scholarship opportunities for international students to pursue their academic aspirations. Whether you’re interested in undergraduate, graduate, or research programs, there are various scholarship programs available to help you achieve your goals. From tuition fee waivers to living expenses, these scholarships can provide substantial financial support. So, take advantage of this chance and apply for scholarships in Sweden that match your academic interests and qualifications. With the right resources and determination, you can turn your dreams of studying in Sweden into a reality.

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