Summer Internships in Turkey 2024 – Jobs In Turkey

How to find Summer Internships in Turkey? That’s what you’re probably wondering right now. If so, here’s how to get started on the search for your dream internship abroad.

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What will you do as an Intern?

During my internship, I want to live with a host family so that I can further improve my Turkish language skills. Outside of school hours, I would like to take part in as many activities and events as possible to experience local culture. If you know of any opportunities or contacts that might be useful, please get in touch! Thanks 🙂

Why Summer Internships in Turkey?

Turkey is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, which means that summer internships in Turkey can be a great chance to boost your resume and make some money. A summer job in turkey can be an excellent way to meet new people, and it can also help you find a permanent job when you return home; hiring managers tend to prefer candidates who have experience living abroad and working with expats.

Where do you apply?

If you want to apply for a summer internship in Turkey, there are certain criteria that you need to meet before applying. Here are some of them

How can you stand out from other applicants?

Before going abroad, it is important to learn Turkish. Knowing how to speak Turkish fluently and having an understanding of local culture will go a long way. Native English speakers can get away with not knowing Turkish, but without speaking their native language fluently, they will have trouble fitting into Turkish society. This can be especially true for internships that take place outside of a company’s office setting—in restaurants or shops for example. Having even just a few phrases on hand when visiting locals will impress them.

What if you have no professional experience?

If you’re applying for an internship abroad or a gap year, it’s hard to have professional experience. The truth is that many internships don’t ask for professional experience as long as you can clearly communicate your enthusiasm and ability to handle tasks professionally. So, if you don’t have formal work experience, focus on listing accomplishments from previous school projects or extra-curricular activities. Also, highlight what skills and values you’ve acquired through these endeavors that make you a great candidate.

Is it possible to find Summer Internships in Turkey without networking?

The honest answer here is no. You’re not going to find an internship without networking, or at least knowing someone who knows someone. This is particularly true with remote internships, which are a dime a dozen on sites like Freelancer and Upwork. But even if you know someone who can connect you with a company, that won’t matter if you don’t have experience and don’t know anything about what they do. It just doesn’t happen that way.

And if I am accepted, how do I prepare for life there?

Preparation for living abroad is key to success. If you’re going abroad for an internship, it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for what will be different and new. First, a little bit of culture! Read up on everything from Turkish history to cultural norms and traditions. Then, consider what your budget will look like and make sure you have an idea of how much things cost there—either by visiting or by doing some research.

If I get an internship, what should I expect after arrival?

When you arrive for your internship, there will be many questions swirling around in your head. At first it can be difficult to get used to a different culture and language, but make sure you give yourself some time before you decide it’s not worth it. With a little patience and hard work, summer internships abroad will prove invaluable on your future career path. After just a few weeks of adapting, you’ll begin to feel right at home with your host family and colleagues.

Do any scholarships exist?

With enough time and effort, you may be able to secure a scholarship that will cover your expenses while you’re abroad. Of course, it’s ideal to have multiple sources of funding because scholarships tend to be competitive. Before you begin searching for a scholarship, ask your university if they offer any resources regarding international study abroad programs.

Apply for Summer Internships in Turkey best of luck with your future

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