MTH621 Current Midterm Papers 2023

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Target mostly in the past paper as ur documents

MTH621 Current Midterm Papers 2022


  • definition of the triangle inequality ki.
  •  page 48 oscillator series ki pahli example.
  • cuacha definition of convergent ki.
  • lim n oproches to infinity n ki power of 1 o n is equal to 1 prove karna tha.


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  1. Mcqs mostly after
  2. Baki ik short yad niMth621 paper

Long: example on page 72

  • sy thy paper
  • Infimum. Define
  • Oscillation series define
  • The series given thi usy diverge to prove krna tha

Inf=sup wo btana tha
621 MTH

  • kuch past file wly sy mcqs aey thy
  • Bernoullis theorem
  • Define series of convergence
  • Convergence to find out krni thi
  • ratio test
  • n-n^2 cgs or dgs
  • Abel’s test

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