Top 10 Differences Between Admiral insurance and Other Car Insurance Providers


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If you’re looking to save money on your car insurance, Admiral insurance could be the best solution for you. With Admiral, you can take advantage of MultiCar and MultiCover policies to cover up to five cars under one single plan, as well as opt-in to add coverages such as travel, breakdown and personal accident insurance in case anything unexpected happens on the road. This guide will go over ten of the most important differences between Admiral and other leading car insurance providers in the UK.

1) Admiral covers you when you are abroad

Most people think of car insurance and loan as a domestic product, with policies not even considering drivers traveling abroad. While most providers don’t offer international coverage, Admiral does—and at an affordable price. You won’t have to worry about additional fees when you rent a car abroad or need to file a claim while out of town. Also, you will be protected in over 150 countries around the world of Admiral insurance . For example, if you live in Great Britain but are taking your car with you on holiday to Spain, your policy will still be valid and cover any damage that occurs.

2) All vehicles come with free roadside assistance

Loan can help you If you’re in an accident and your car is off-road, help shouldn’t be a phone call away—it should be ready to come to you. That’s why at Admiral we have All vehicles come with free roadside assistance included as standard.

That means if you get into trouble when out of your car, one of our qualified technicians will be able to visit you at home or work, or even just provide advice on how to get your vehicle back on track. No other insurance provider offers all vehicles with free roadside assistance that covers up to 12 miles. But then again we’re not like any other insurance provider—in fact, we don’t think there is another insurance provider quite like us around today!

3) Free legal expenses cover

If you are involved in an accident or breakdown, our free legal expenses cover will see you right if someone sues. Excess is £500,000. For example, if your damages were £1 million we would pay out £500k as long as you hadn’t gone over your excess.

Free windscreen cover: If your car windscreen is broken due to vandalism whilst parked on a public road (not in a garage), we will repair it for free even if there isn’t another policy in Admiral insurance in place with us at that time. No deposit insurance: We won’t ask for a deposit before we insure you with Admiral car insurance MultiCar policies.

4) Admiral insurance claims process is very easy

You can get your car loan Once you have filed a claim, your chosen rep will usually ring you to make sure you are satisfied with their service. If you aren’t, then don’t be afraid to speak up; not only do they want to improve their service, but they also don’t want customers cancelling over an issue that could be easily resolved. When it comes to making a claim, it should take no longer than ten minutes of your time—and that includes signing forms and handing documents over to them.

5) They have an easy online chat service for more immediate help.

Aside from saving time by being able to get your questions answered in minutes, it can also be less stressful for some people. Whereas waiting on hold to speak with a customer service representative over the phone may mean being disconnected or taking a long time to speak with someone, chatting online offers more privacy since you’re not communicating through a microphone in front of other customers.

Plus, if you get lost while filling out forms online, you can simply hop back into chat where there’s almost always an agent ready to help you out. It’s much like social media: real-time answers are often best.

6) The customer service can be reached via phone, email, and in person.

if you need any kind of insurance or loan you can contact them by phone, email, or in person, you’ll have your issue resolved quickly and easily. Some customers have even said that after contacting Admiral by phone, their issue was solved before they even hung up.

Everyone wants to be spoken to with respect by someone who knows what they’re talking about; thankfully, many of Admiral’s customers say that every time they call or write an email—whether it be for a simple question or for a complicated claim—they are treated respectfully. Additionally, some clients prefer face-to-face interaction rather than emailing their problems or questions; luckily, there are branches of Admiral insurance all over England so you can walk in when you need assistance.

7) Online account management makes viewing your details a cinch.

Admiral has a sleek, easy-to-use online account management system. Within it, you can view your policy details such as where you’re insured, when your cover expires, vehicle registration numbers and more. You can also make payments easily from within your account.

With other providers’ websites, on-the-go access to these features is harder to come by—though it’s also not impossible to find with some insurers out there! However, with Admiral you’ll have full control over what happens if you need to make changes or add new cars to your policy in a matter of minutes via its website or app.

8) There’s no excess in Admiral insurance to pay if you make a claim.

Unlike some of its rivals, there’s no excess to pay if you make a claim. The reason for that is pretty simple: we believe our drivers are honest and will only make a claim when it’s absolutely necessary. Unlike some of its rivals, there’s no excess to pay if you make a claim. The reason for that is pretty simple: we believe our drivers are honest and will only make a claim when it’s absolutely necessary.

9) Three types of policies are available (Essential, Comprehensive, or Third Party Fire & Theft).

Choose between three types of policies (Essential, Comprehensive, or Third Party Fire & Theft). An essential policy may not cover damage you cause to another vehicle or property. A comprehensive policy covers third party liability, but only provides a partial payout if your own car is stolen or damaged by an incident you cause. Third party fire & theft protects against both damages from an accident you cause as well as theft of your vehicle.

10) Full list of the unique qualities only available from Admiral.

1. Quality – Highest quality car insurance available, including all drivers without affecting your no claims discount 2. Choice – Specialists in making sure every driver is covered for all eventualities 3. Service – 24/7 roadside assistance from an experienced team 4. Value – The best value for money on car insurance 5. Honesty – See exactly what you’re paying for with a clear breakdown of cover 6. Innovation – Available to non-car owners too 7. Freedom – No fixed dates or time periods 8.

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